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introducing wp sandbox

The Ultimate WordPress Dev Tool

Create a WordPress install in seconds

Instantly create new WordPress installs. These are full, complete, and unrestricted WordPress installations. You can install any theme or plugin and modify WordPress any way you see fit.

Total access to your WordPress installs:
SSH, SFTP, PHP version switching

WP Sandbox gives you complete access to every WordPress install with SSH and SFTP. You can also instantly change the PHP version to anything from 5.2 to 7.1 - perfect for testing an debugging.

Turn installs into templates and make copies

Any install can be turned into a template and duplicated. Have a set of debugging tools you use all the time? Create a debugging template and create a new install to quickly isolate a bug. Want your client to play around with your staging site? Make a copy and they can’t break anything.
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Testing plugins and themes has never been easier

It’s much faster to create a new install on Sandbox than in local dev. Need to test a plugin? Instantly pop in to a fresh install. Found a bug? Add the login credentials to your issue tracker - when it’s time to fix the bug it’s there waiting.

Staging done right - your way

WP Sandbox is the perfect staging platform - with full access, SSH, and SFTP, you can use whatever deployment workflow you like. Find a bug? Make a duplicate of the install and send it to the dev team.

Client demos, except this time
they’re client-proof

The days of clients breaking staging and production are over. Create a copy of your site in Sandbox and the client can do whatever they like without interrupting your work. When it’s time to merge, you can do it with whatever tools work best for you - they’ll all work with WP Sandbox.
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